Top 3 B2B Online Selling Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

B2B Online Selling Challenges

The B2B e-commerce market is changing fast. Like every other business, the B2B sales ecosystem has a push-pull effect between the online shopper who tries to secure competitive advantages and the seller who wants to make a profit.

As more people make online shopping a preference so do the online selling opportunities for B2B sellers. The online presence also gives the seller a chance to cut down the costs of serving and selling offline.

Here are Top 3 B2B Online Selling Challenges Faced by Small Businesses and How to Overcome Them.

Customers Buying Resistance

The longer sales cycle is a reality that B2B sellers face every day. While more people want to make purchases online, not all of them are open to the idea of long-term purchase of goods and services via online platforms.

Online shoppers have raised various concerns such as security, and frustrating customer experience when purchasing via online platforms. Other fears include; lack of knowledge about online shopping.

To overcome customer resistance, this is what you can do:

  • Keep track of what your prospectives are doing on your site
  • Contact your potential clients through E-mail marketing
  • Conduct online sales support
  • Contact them strategically
  • Follow up

Lack of User-Friendly Websites

Not all eCommerce platforms are designed to handle unique requirements tiered pricing levels, customer-specific products, and requirements. Poorly designed websites, pose a purchasing process challenge for the B2b seller and consequently poor customer experiences.

To overcome this challenge, dedicate a budget to invest the following in your site:

  • Update your e-commerce site
  • Implement online only loyalty programs
  • Dedicate a team to work with your clients for a better online experience

Inability to handle online orders

Once you’ve convinced a customer to purchase a product or service, the other challenge is making sure that the customer has the product in his hands. Processing online orders can be overwhelming even with the right software technology. Some problems that you may encounter are like lost orders, slow delivery, and product damage during shipping or wrong order fulfillment.

Here you can overcome these challenges through:

  • Investing in the right technology
  • Integrate your software to manage online and offline stores properly

With these tips and marketing tactics, you can now overcome the most common B2B sales challenges. With the right technology and actively listening to the needs of your customers, you’ll be able to give them top-notch customer experience at the same time unlock your full sales potential.

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